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Quest Overview

This is not actually a quest that shows up in the journal.

Start Location: Kill an Eep bunny and loot his associated color ears.
Requirements: Level 15
Quest Starter: Chief Mudlurk (7.5N, 27,4E), on an island SE of Shoushi
Other Rewards: Marshmallow Eep Miniatures (temporary buff items)


Find and kill Eep bunnies, then loot their Marshmallow Eep Ears. There are 3 different color Eeps and corresponding Ears:

Type Continent Spawn areas
Orange Marshmallow Eep Ear Osteth The Esper Reaches, Arwic Outlands, The Prosper Marches
Green Marshmallow Eep Ear Omishan near Farali outposts
Purple Marshmallow Eep Ear Linvak near Stoneshadow outposts and near Ondekodo

Take the Marshmallow Eep Ears to Chief Mudlurk (7.5N, 27,4E) on an island SE of Shoushi. Hand him one of the ears you looted to receive a random Marshmallow Eep Miniature. Each Miniature grants the user one of the following temporary buffs:

Orange Marshmallow Eep Ear Green Marshmallow Eep Ear Purple Marshmallow Eep Ear
+25 Armor Rating +50 Armor Rating +100 Armor Rating
+15% Combat Speed +30% Combat Speed +45% Combat Speed
+15 Damage +25 Damage +40 Damage
+100 Vigor +200 Vigor +300 Vigor
+32 Evasion +51 Evasion  ?

  • Bold: Values confirmed by author
  • Italic: Values are speculation by author
  • Normal: Values taken from ac2hero and ac2vault



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