Dye Another Day

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Quest Overview

Help Kanten deal with the Dyer's Guild.
Start Location: Cavendo
Requirements: Level 11
Quest Starter: Kanten, 10.6N 5.7E
Time Limit: 1 hour
Repeat Time: 2 hours
XP Reward: 500
Other Rewards: 400 Gold
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  1. Find a Siennan Plant, these can be found in the Northeast Drudge Citadel area. Running up and down the road between Cavendo and the Northeast Drudge Citadel Outpost. Mainly in the area after the bridge. Or you can try your luck in the shops. A mount will be a huge help covering more ground.
  2. Return the Siennan Plant to Kanten.
  3. Find a Berimphur Plant, these can be found in the Northeast Mad Crone Mountains area. Check the hilly maze around the Mad Crone Haven. You can cover more ground by staying on top of the hills.
  4. Return the Berimphur Plant to Kanten for your reward.

Related Items

SiennanPlant-Icon.png - Siennan Plant
BerimphurPlant-Icon.png - Berimphur Plant

Lore & Dialog

Kanten tells you, "The Cavendo Dyers Guild is on my case again. They want new samples -- seems they keep on messing up their stupid recipes and they've run out of dye plants again and they've asked me to get them some. First I need a bronze one. I don't care how you get it, but if you don't get it to me in an hour, don't bother turning it in at all."
Kanten tells you, "Good job! Next I need a brown dye plant, and we're all set."
Kanten tells you, "Nice work. This should hold those crafters for a little while."

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