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A dungeon boss quest is a type of quest that begins by killing a rare monster, usually in the near region of a dungeon, which then tasks you with killing the boss in said nearby dungeon. There is a time limit of 2 hours to complete any given dungeon boss quest and a repeat timer of 20 hours, while they are found only on the continents of Osteth, Omishan and Linvak Massif.

The boss is usually at the end of the dungeon, is always a group monster and tends to be accompanied by a number of solo minions. As such it is advised to attempt these quests in a group. When doing a dungeon boss quest within a fellowship, XP should be shared by all fellow members being within 5 levels higher or lower than the fellowship leader. Only the fellows sharing XP with the person who gets the kill on the quest starting monster or the target boss will receive or complete the quest. If you are below the minimum level requirement for the quest, however, you will still fail to receive it even if you are sharing XP.

Where the minimum required level to receive the quest is known, they are in bold; the lowest level currently known to be able to receive the quest is presented in italics.


Req Quest Name XP Quest Starter Quest Target Dungeon Location
4 Kill the Beetle Queen 150 Edge Beetle Scout Beetle Queen Edge Beetle Mound Lost Wish
7 Kill the Drudge Taskmaster 320 Downtrodden Drudge Drudge Taskmaster New Arwic Mines Arwic Outlands
8 Kill the Vermin Excavator 320 Clutter Vermin Vermin Excavator Vermin Nest Esper Reaches
8 Kill the Hive Queen 440 Green Wasp Scout Hive Queen Wasp Hive Lost Wish
16 Kill the Fleshfeast Lasher 20,000 Ceaseless Lasher Fleshfeast Lasher Lasher Caves Prosper Marches
21 Kill the Mistress of Madness Crone Attendant Mistress of Madness The Laboratories Drudge Citadel
21 Kill Captain Sneer 24,000 Drudge Soldier Captain Sneer Fiery Crypt Prosper Marches
24 Kill the Revered One Drudge Honor Guard Revered One Underground Drudge City Drudge Citadel


Req Quest Name XP Quest Starter Quest Target Dungeon Location
18 Kill Chief Benamu Feyen Mimbu Swamprunner Chief Benamu Water Temple Kydi Delta
20 Kill the Mimbu Foultamer 11,000 Escaped Darkenfowl Mimbu Foultamer Darkenfowl Pens Ariaki River Valley
Kill the Sclavus High Priest 40,000 Essa Sclavus Acolyte Sclavus High Priest Inner Darkness Dungeon Kydi Delta
29 Kill the Nefane Broodmother Bloodthrall Niffis Nefane Broodmother Crumbled Sanctuary Naderu Greenwood
Kill the Burun Warboss 325,000 Burun Keerik Polluter Burun Warboss Deepdank Tunnels Zu Penninsula
32 Kill the Remembrance of the Lost Forgotten One Remembrance of the Lost Ghost Mines Lumari Spill
Kill the Slimelord 850,000 Ruruk Burun Guardian Keerik, Slimelord Toad Keep Vesayan Islands
34 Kill the Defiling Lord 1,000,000 Devolved Mucor Warbeast Defiling Lord Dank Empyrean Ruins Farali Wastlands

Linvak Massif

Req Quest Name XP Quest Starter Quest Target Dungeon Location
38 Kill the Eli Watcher 1,800,000 Eli Spy Eli Watcher Steam Caverns Rings of Oriad
40 Kill the Gurog Henchman 2,250,000 Gurog Henchman Gurog Fawning Golden Age Reliquary Stoneshadow Plains
43 Kill Malik, the Sadist Ferine Banderling Malik, the Sadist The Banderling Delve Nepeth Strata
43 Kill Cloudburst 6,500,000 Squalling Flayer Cloudburst Crystal Caves Thusik Delta
42 Kill Ossein Ossein, Digger of Graves The Ossuary Winterhollows
41 Kill the Gurog Conjurer 10,000,000 Gurog Neophyte Gurog Conjurer New Mage Academy Mount Malthabbor
48 Kill Fang, the Varmint 10,000,000 Feral Shreth Fang, the Varmint Frozen Ravine Gevoth

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