Drudge Potion Raid

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Quest Overview

It seems the drudges have been creating fortifying potions to strengthen their ranks. Infiltrate their camp deep in the Drudge Citadel and steal one.

Requirements: Level 10+, must have completed The Warder Scout's Notebook
Type: Solo
Start Location: Drudge Citadel, Warder's Hideout
Quest Starter: Warder Captain
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 1,500
Other Rewards: Drudge Citadel Glyph, Purified Drudge Potion
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: The Warder Scout's Notebook, The Illuminated Manuscript


This quest can only be done after finishing The Warder Scout's Notebook and gaining access to the Warder Hideout. The Warder Captain is located inside the hideout, which is just east of the Northwest Citadel Outpost. Once you're inside, take all lefts and battle your way through the level 15-17 Lashers to find her.

  1. The captain will tell you about a Fort located at 19.5N 21E. It's a far run to the east of the Warder's Hideout, almost to the Drudge Citadel Vault itself. Prepare yourself with mounts or health over time potions, as you'll be running past quite a few Gloom Drudges and other drudges that can do serious damage to characters under level 15.
  2. Once you arrive at the fort, you'll see four Drudge Potion Guards. They are solo monsters and not very difficult, but beware pulling all four at once. Kill at least one guard to advance the quest.
  3. Its body will have a Drudge Potion Chest Key. Loot this to advance the quest again.
  4. Once you have the key, use it on the nearby Drudge Potion Chest. Using the key unlocks the chest but does not automatically open it like Order Caches and other loot chests. Be sure to manually open the chest before it relocks, and collect your Drudge Potion from inside to advance the quest.
  5. Finally, return to the Warder Captain and hand her the potion. You will received a Purified Drudge Potion (+10% health and vigor, 4 hours), Drudge Citadel Glyph, and experience.

Related Items

Silverkey.jpg Drudge Potion Chest Key
Drudgepotion.jpg Drudge Potion
Drudgepotion.jpg Purified Drudge Potion

Lore & Dialog

Warder Captain tells you, "Ah, were you sent here by one of our scouts? If you're looking for access to our Asheron's Caches, I'll have to ask you a favor first. The enemy Drudges have been receiving aid from an unknown source, in the form of fortifying potions. Can you go into their fort at 19.5N x 21E and steal a Drudge Potion for me? It will likely be in a locked chest, so you'll have to kill one of their guards. You will be rewarded for your assistance."
Warder Captain tells you, "Excellent work! Hmmm, it looks like this potion is too fouled for our consumption. Allow me to purify it for you..."
You received the item from Warder Captain.
Warder Captain tells you, "I've gotten all I need from it, thanks. You're also free to use the portal behind me and use our Cache."
You received the item from Warder Captain.
Warder Captain tells you, "You show promise... take this."
Warder Captain tells you, "It's valuable for competent adventurers like yourself to study history, so you should visit the Drudge Citadel Vault. You should also talk to our leader, Dantry. He's in the Prosper Marshes at 7.4N x 15.4E. Oh, and if any of your fellows helped you, have them talk to me for their reward."

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