Drudge Outcast Camp Quest

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Quest Overview

Craft a special weapon to destroy the Drudge Outcast Cadre and return its bone to the Esper Warder.

Requirements: Level 1+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Millstone, Esper Reaches
Quest Starter: Esper Warder
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 320
Other Rewards: Esper Glyph, Max Health Buff
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Arwic Obelisk Search, Esper Obelisk Search


  1. Speak to the Esper Warder to begin the quest. He will give you three quest recipes, one for a melee, missile and magic weapon. The recipes require 25 bone but no craft skill to make. Bone can be obtained by butchering vermin around the Esper ringway.
  2. Create your weapon of choice. This weapon will have a "cadre slayer" effect, which does triple damage to Drudge Outcast Cadre.
  3. Once you've crafted your weapon, take the ringway to the Southwest Esper Outpost. Head east along the road, and follow it east where you must swim across to the nearby island. Follow this road until you get to an enclosed mountain area with Drudge Outcast Cadre. It's not necessary to use the Cadre Slayer weapon, but it will likely outdamage anything else you have at this time. Kill one, loot the Drudge Cadre Bone.
  4. Return to the Esper Warder for your reward.

Related Items

Drudgecadrebone.jpg Drudge Cadre Bone

Lore & Dialog

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