Dreams of Orulaan

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 50+, completed Torment
Type: Group
Start Location: Southern Arramora
Quest Starter: Disciple of Orulaan (13.9N, 48.5W)
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 10% (Cap: 476,248,680 @ L60)
Other Rewards: Ring of Orulaan
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Torment


1. From Southern Arramora, travel northeast to a ramp at 14.1N, 48.1W and follow this ramp up to the Disciple of Orulaan at 13.9N, 48.5W.
2. Speak with the Disciple of Orulaan to receive a quest to kill 10 Ivory Gromnaroc and 10 Amethyst Gromnaroc.
3. Travel to Gurokora on Linvak and use the Malthabbor Ringway to Northwest Shelf portal. Travel west to the Mysterious Portal at 29.7S, 50.2W.
4. Here you will find the unmapped S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Island which has reliable spawns of Ivory Gromnorac and Amethyst Gromnorac. These are level 55 and 56 group monsters and so is, unlike the first three parts of the series, best done in a group unless you are of a high level.
5. Kill 10 of each and return to the Disciple of Orulaan to complete your quest and speak again to receive your final reward, the Orulaan Ring.

Note 1: When repeating this part of the series, a player can receive the quest from someone else without having to repeat the pre-quests - at least one person must have the pre-quests on timer in order to take the Dreams of Orulaan quest, which will then be received by others in the group.
Note 2: You must have the Sentience Lost and Torment quests on timer in order to receive the Dreams of Orulaan Reward quest after completing Dreams of Orulaan. Note 3: You can also find Ivory and Amethyst Gromnorac around the central plateau of Arramora however there are fewer of them.

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