Dillo Rustlers

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Quest Overview

Kill some Banderlings for the Eli to receive an egg that will summon your own pet Armoredillo.

Type: Solo
Requirements: Level 30
Start Location: Rings of Oriad, 14.9S 3.2W
Quest Starter: Eli Spinekeeper
Time Limit: 2 hours
XP Reward: 300,000
Other Rewards: Steppe Armoredillo Egg
Repeat Time: 44 hours
Related Quests: Dillo Rancher


Speak to the Eli Spinekeeper at 14.9S 3.2W (East Oriad) to begin the quest. You have two hours to kill 10 Banderlings, 5 Ravers and 5 Thrashers, level 42-43 solo monsters. These kills do not share in a fellowship, so each person must kill them if you're in a group.

The Ravers can spawn in the area where you get the quest. The closest Thrashers are located in two camps at 12.9S 6.3W and 14.3S 1.6W, or they can be found around 18S 18W.

Once you have killed them all, return to the Eli Spinekeeper to earn your reward. You may want to save the Steppe Armoredillo Egg for the Dillo Rancher quest later on, which requires one.

Related Items

Iconsteppearmoredilloegg.jpg Steppe Armoredillo Egg

Lore & Dialog

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