Destroy Hahnain the Chaos Archon

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Quest Overview

Destroy the Power Conduits inside the Master Vault of Linvak to stop Chaos Archon Hahnain's plans.

Requirements: Level 40+
Type: Group
Start Location: Stoneshadow Plains
Quest Starter: Master Linvak Gem
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 11,000,000
Other Rewards: Hahnain's Eye, Crystallized Vitae of Linvak
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Chaos Eidolon


  • This quest starts with a gem that opens a portal to the vault. To get the gem, anyone in fellow must kill 3 Portal Gleams, found throughout Stoneshadow Plains, in the correct order. Any other order will result in a flawed gem, which will teleport everyone to a random location above Dereth and kill the players with the fall damage.
  1. Contorted Gleam
  2. Deformed Gleam
  3. Distorted Gleam
  • After you get the gem and use it, all can enter the Master Vault.
  • All will start in the same part of the dungeon. Go upstairs to the top, and refer to the the map below to get to the 3 conduit rooms.
  • Once inside, destroy it and use the portal to exit. This will teleport everyone to the power convergence chamber. Go to the top, and you will see a portal to the beginning. Repeat this three times until all power conduits are down.
  • After the last one is down, don't go to the top of the power convergence chamber like other times. Just before the top portal, there is a path on the right and another portal behind it. Go inside it and proceed to boss room.
  • Kill the guards and the boss, Archon Hahnain. Loot Hahnain's Eye for the Chaos Eidolon quest and proceed to the shard for your XP reward.



MAP - Linvak Master Vault.png

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