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Quest Overview

Overcome tests by the Shadow of Black Ferah in her domain, Dark Throne Keep, and earn the right to face her in combat.
Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, Ikeras, Shadow Stronghold Antechamber
Requirements: Level 50+
Quest Starter: Leken - Master at Arms
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 4 days, 12 hours
XP Reward: 3% XP, 165,305,910 @ 61
Other Rewards: Shadow Blade Ort or Shadow Wing Ort
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The boss at the end is a level 75 group monster, so this should definitely be done in a group. However, it's possible for a solo player who knows the tunnels well to collect all three keys and save a group lots of time.

To begin the quest, speak to Leken in the Shadow Stronghold Antechamber.

Dark Throne Keep, Entryway
Click the portal device right beside Leken to enter the first area of the keep. This entry area has mostly Sclavus in their 20s. It's a fairly straight run to the portal at the end of this wide chamber. Beware the last section just before the portal, as some high 60s monsters are placed well to snipe you on your way in. If you have anyone under 55 or so in your group, try to run through together to avoid them getting picked off on the way in.

Dark Throne Keep, Throne Room
This area is full of Dark Throne Sclavus and Dark Shadow Armigers, but if you don't attack them first, they won't fight you. Proceed past all of the shadows until you see Black Ferah's Shadow. speak to her to enter the next section of the dungeon.

Dark Throne Keep, Tunnels
Your goal here is to collect three keys which are each a fixed ground spawn throughout the dungeon. These tunnels can be winding and confusing, so it's good to have a map or somebody that knows the dungeon well. Beware the large room with the Raging Chaos Wisp at the bottom, as it's been known to kill through the walls with Harm spells if people stand around near the edges of the room. Once you have three different keys, jump down into the large room and work your way into the hallway with four locked doors.

Make sure your entire group is here and ready, and then unlock the three doors one at a time. Don't stand in the center of the room before this hall because the monsters on top can snipe you. If anybody gets left behind, you can open the doors from behind to let others in. After the third door, you'll see Black Ferah's Shadow again. Prepare for combat and speak to her. She will spawn several shadows including a Dark Throne Seneschal. Kill these shadows, and one will have the fourth key. Use it to open the last door and proceed to the final area of the quest.

Dark Throne Keep, Abyss
This area is a fairly straightforward path with a few solo Shadows that must be fought. Proceed through the portcullis to enter the boss chamber. Black Ferah's Shadow has four forms, but the first three are simple as she only has "solo" stats at this point. Killing one will immediately spawn the next one. When the third form appears, a pack of Dark Vermin also spawn around her, so be sure to keep your ranged and healers safe from ambush melee combat.

The fourth and final form is the "true" form, a level 75 group monster. She also spawns with a pack of solo-statted Shadows. Just like with the Vermin, be careful that they don't instantly aggro your healers. I recommend to deal with the Shadows first, but if you have a strong group, the melees can AoE several shadows and the boss at the same time to speed things up. Once this form is destroyed, the quest is complete and you automatically earn your reward.

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