Desolation Mushroom Hunt

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Desolation Mushroom Hunt

Quest Overview

Search the Desolation area of Knorr for five mushrooms to create a magical stew.

Requirements: Level 75+, Shield Wall Gate access
Type: Solo
Start Location: Shield Wall Gate, Knorr Desolation
Quest Starter: Vendor 21 (53.6S, 36.9E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 1.5% (Cap: 799,715,614 @ L80)
Other Rewards: Mushroom Delight and its recipe
Repeat Time: 31 days
Related Quests: Knorr Mushroom Hunt


Speak with Vendor 21 at 53.6S, 36.9E on the Knorr Desolation side of the Shield Wall Gate to begin this quest.

You must gather five different mushrooms in the Knorr Desolation region and hand them to Vendor 21. Mushrooms are in fixed spawn locations. They don't appear on the radar but they can be selected with the 'target next item' hotkey (usually O or I). Found inside monster camps, a grab-and-run strategy can be used if you're careful. Mushrooms stack with each other and can be saved for later use. There is a one minute timer between respawns.

Mushroom Coordinates Monster Camp
Deru's Bounty Icon.png Deru's Bounty 54.9S, 33.5E Level 74-79 solo Takeru
False Spawn Icon.png False Spawn 56.8S, 43.0E Level 74-82 solo Urkhad
Sweet Grub Fungus Icon.png Sweet Grub Fungus 60.5S, 31.9E Level 74 solo Swarm Legionary Grubs and level 74 solo Swarm Soldier Nymphs
Nymph's Dream Icon.png Nymph's Dream 61.2S, 28.1E Level 76 solo Swarm Legionary Nymphs and level 78 solo Swarm Workers
Supreme Puffball.png Supreme Puffball 66.2S 35.8E Level 76 solo Torment Thrall, level 78 solo Torment Felsisters, level 80 solo Agony Thrall and level 82 solo Agony Felsisters

Once you have handed the mushrooms to Vendor 21, talk again to complete the quest.

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