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Quest Overview

Race against other players to become a Rally Champion of Dereth and earn the prized Golden Saddle.

Requirements: Level 16+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Northern Lumari Outpost
Quest Starter: Rogol (4.5N 64.7E)
Time Limit: 45 minutes for each race; 7 days for the Dereth Rally Championship
XP Reward: 0.5% per race (Cap: 23,812,433 @ L60)
Other Rewards: 1,000-50,000 Coins; Golden Saddle for winning 7 consecutive races
Repeat Timer: No time limit
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There is a race every 4 hours. A 30 minute warning in chat will alert you to the next one.

Before racing there is a few things you should know. You are limited to mount speed only. When you start the race all speed buffs (including T3 boots) will be removed. If you use any type of world portal or recall during the race you will instantly fail.

The race can be completed on Omishan speed mounts, but it is advised you use Linvak mounts for the best speed possible. It also gives you a bit of wiggle room if you mess something up.

If your goal is to get the Golden Saddle, you will have to win 7 races in a row. This only counts races you take part in. So it can be done over the course of a week or two.

Now you can make your way to Rogol and wait for the race to start. He will do a separate countdown in local chat. Once the race starts, touch the Starting Obelisk and your quest log will tell you the location of the first checkpoint. From the first location you can narrow it down to 2 possible routes. Simply follow the map to each location and finish back at Rogol by touching the Finishing Obelisk. Talk to Rogol after for your reward.


Consecutive Wins XP Coins Golden Saddle
1 0.5% 1,000 No
2 0.5% 3,000 No
3 0.5% 6,000 No
4 0.5% 10,000 No
5 0.5% 15,000 No
6 0.5% 21,000 No
7 0.5% 50,000 Yes


Rally path #1 Rally path #2
Rally1.jpg Rally2.jpg
Rally path #3 Rally path #4
Rally3.jpg Rally4.jpg
Rally path #5 Rally path #6
Rally5.jpg Rally6e.jpg
Rally path #7 Rally path #8
Rally7.jpg Rally8e.jpg
Rally path #9 Rally path #11
Rally9.jpg Rally11.jpg

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