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Quest Overview

Recover a Darkstone carried by a Gurog Emissary.


  • Travel to the Northeast Farali Outpost (the Twins) from Ankoro, and run to the Ancestor Head at 30.5N 91.2E.
  • Speak to the Ancestor Head to start the quest, then take the portal to the Slaughter Plains and run northwest to the POI The Choker at 23.6N, 83.3E.
  • Each player in the fellow must individually kill a Gurog Emissary and loot its Faded Darkstone.
  • Return to the ancestor head and give it the Faded Darkstone to receive 2 debuffs and update the quest.
  • Kill a Burun Immortal and return to the Ancestor to finish the quest and receive a Darkstone.


Lore & Dialog

Ancestor tells you, "The Burun worship creatures known as Gurogs. The Gurogs are powerful beasts, and seem to draw their power from artifacts called Darkstones. Find a Gurog Emissary near the Choker and bring its Darkstone back to me for study."

Ancestor tells you, "Ha! Your mortal weaklings are so easily fooled. My Burun masters will be glad to receive this gift! Take this curse as your payment, and drag your wretched ..."
Ancestor tells you, "... wait ... I can help you ..."
Ancestor tells you, "Quickly... I cannot fight of the Burun's corruption long. The curse can be lifted, but only if you slay a Burun Immortal. Do this, and I will undo the damage I have been forced to do. Now go, before my masters find out..."

Ancestor tells you, "Well done. I can break the curse now. Take the restored Darkstone as well before the Burun find it!"
You received the item from the Ancestor.
For completing the Darkstone quest, you have earned 700,000 (level 45) experience points.

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