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Quest Overview

This is a three-part quest to recover Empyrean artifacts from two locations in the Farali region.
Start Location: Farali Wasteland, Ankoro
Requirements: Level 30
Quest Starter: Giles Beaudry
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Repeat Time: 6 Days
XP Reward: 600,000 total
Other Rewards: Mimbu Noise Stick


  • Excavation

Speak to Giles Beaudry in Ankoro. He gives you the first part of the quest to send you into the Dank Empyrean Ruins at 31.3N 87.3E (Northeast Farali). Those of you after your Omishan Soulbound weapons might have already noticed the Empyrean Figurine artifacts laying about. Those are your objective. You're able to pick up more than one but you only need one. The easiest one to obtain is just to your right after you enter the ruins. Return the figurine to Giles to complete this subquest and earn 200,000 experience.

After you finish the first part, the next two parts become available. You may get them in a different order than shown here.

  • Consultation

After completing Excavation, talk to Giles again. He sends you to Polauri in Hakata. Straight forward quest; give Polauri the artifact. When you're done, head back to Ankoro and talk to Giles to complete this subquest and earn another 200,000 experience.

  • Exploration

Talk to Giles one last time. He gives you the last part which requires you to go to eastern Farali to collect a pottery piece. You'll find this Empyrean Pottery on a small knoll next to a set of Burun buildings at 27.2N, 93.8E, or on the ground at 29.9N 93.6E. Only one is needed for the quest.

After turning in the pottery piece you'll receive 200,000 XP and a Mimbu Noise Stick.

Related Items

Iconempyreanfigurine.jpg Empyrean Figurine
Iconempyreanpottery.jpg Empyrean Pottery
Iconmimbunoisestick.jpg Mimbu Noise Stick

Lore & Dialog

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