Curse of the Moarsman

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Quest Overview

Dispel the curse of the Moarsman Chief by killing its mortal enemy, the Burun.
Start Location: Vesayen Islands
Requirements: Level 25+
Quest Starter: Kill a Moarsman Chief
Time Limit: 6 hours
Repeat Time: 24 hours
XP Reward: 200,000
Other Rewards: +50 health buff for 6 hours
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Since the quest requires you to kill many level 30's Burun, it's recommended to run with a small group if you're near the minimum level. The kills will share with a fellowship, assuming all are XP bridged.

  1. This quest automatically begins when you kill a Moarsman Chief, which can be found amongst the other Moarsmen in the Vesayen Islands. The chief, when killed, will curse you with a -100 health buff which lasts for 6 hours, but can be dispelled by completing the quest.
  2. Your goal is to kill some Burun; 5 Broodu Burun, 5 Ruruk Burun, 2 Browerk Burun, and 1 Browerk Burun Chief. They range in levels from 31 to 37. The Burun spawn in various ringways of Omishan, but the Chief can only be found near Sanctuary in the Vesayen Islands. If you jump down the falls here and follow the beach, you can eventually find all of these types of Burun. Each kill will advance the quest.
  3. Upon the last kill, the curse will be broken, and you automatically receive the buff and experience reward.


Lore & Dialog

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