Cull the Devolved Mucor

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Quest Overview

Kill 10 Devolved Mucor for an experience reward.
Start Location: Hakata
Requirements: Level 34+, must have completed Cull the Degenerate Mucor
Quest Starter: Shimatar at 9.3N, 75.1E
Time Limit: 6 days, 17 hours days
Repeat Time: ??
XP Reward: 250,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: Cull the Degenerate Mucor


  • Speak to Shimatar in Hakata to begin the quest once you've completed Cull the Degenerate Mucor.
  • You must kill 10 Devolved Mucor. Travel to Ankoro and then to the Northeast Farali Outpost.
  • Each kill will advance your quest. After the last kill, return to Shimatar for your reward.
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