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Iconforge.jpg Crafting Workshop

The Crafting Workshop, when nearby, enables the crafter to attempt recipes in Toolmaking, Armorsmithing & Weaponsmithing. It shows as a buff in the effects bar when you are in range of it.

RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Workshop

The Refining Workshop, when nearby, enables the refiner to attempt recipes in Refining. It shows as a buff in the effects bar when you are in range of it.

SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Workshop

The Spellbinding Workshop, when nearby, enables the spellbinder to attempt recipes in Spellbinding. It shows as a buff in the effects bar when you are in range of it.

The table below shows Dereth's various Workshops, and their locations.

Icon Workshop Landmass City Location Snapshot
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Osteth Cragstone 32.1N, 13.3W Crafting Workshop Cragstone
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Osteth Cragstone 32.8N, 13.3W Refining Workshop Cragstone
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Osteth Cragstone 32.2N, 11.9W Spellbinding Workshop Cragstone
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Osteth Cavendo 16.0N, 28.8E Crafting Workshop Cavendo
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Osteth Cavendo 16.2N, 27.9E Refining Workshop Cavendo
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Osteth Cavendo 16.2N, 28.9E Spellbinding Workshop Cavendo
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Omishan Ikeras 10.7N, 62.1E Crafting Workshop Ikeras
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Omishan Ikeras 9.9N, 62.1E Refining Workshop Ikeras
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Omishan Ikeras 9.6N, 63.2E Spellbinding Workshop Ikeras
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Omishan Hakata
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Omishan Hakata
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Omishan Hakata
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Linvak Massif Linvak Tukal
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Linvak Massif Linvak Tukal
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Linvak Massif Linvak Tukal
Iconforge.jpg Crafting Linvak Massif Ondekodo 19.9S, 31.2W Crafting Workshop Ondekodo
RefiningWorkshopIcon.jpg Refining Linvak Massif Ondekodo 20.1S, 31.4W Refining Workshop Ondekodo
SpellbindingWorkshopIcon.jpg Spellbinding Linvak Massif Ondekodo 20.1S, 31.2W Spellbinding Workshop Ondekodo
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