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Excavation Points Locations
Knorr Ramparts


Quest Overview

Assemble the treasure map from the relics of old Ramparts excavation points.

Start Location: The Aerie
Requirements: 60+
Intended Level: 60
Quest Starter: Elpeth Arden (39.9S , 45.4E)
Time Limit: 5 days
Repeat Time: Unknown
XP Reward: 4% xp, Capped at 1.6 Billion @Lv 75
Other Rewards: Treasure loot from excavation points
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Elpeth Arden gives you the quest and also sells you mining tools for digging at the 6 "excavation points" in Knorr Ramparts.

Buy at least 10-12 of these tools, as you will need several of them to complete the quest.

With the quest and tools taken Elpeth sends you to an excavation point to collect Fragment #1 out of 6. Once you got it, return to her, to advance the quest and continue to find the excavation points for the other 5 pieces.

Bring a full fellow, preferable with mezzers, because some of these points have difficult guardians which must be avoided or fought to excavate.

You will need to "use" the mining tool given by quest starter on each of the points and take the fragment inside it.

Icon Name Location Creatures Tips Map
Iconcombatarcheologyfragment1.png Fragment #1 39.0S , 25.2E Irontooth and

Plains Matron

Only these 2 group mobs. Kill, Mezz or lure away from the excavation point. PathCombatArcheology1.jpg
Iconcombatarcheologyfragment2.png Fragment #2 42.4S , 44.9E Iron Colussus About 8 group mobs around the spot. Tricky to get there from the Aerie Maze, but can be done under lifestone protection if you know the way.

The fastest way is to go from the south entrance of the Aerie maze and when facing N take the side left ramp that goes up the "maze wall".
You will see a small pyramid similar to the one at Eibill's Vengeance entrance full of iron colossi around. The excavation point is inside the fort and if you go inside probably can take the fragment without a fight or just killing 1.

Iconcombatarcheologyfragment3.png Fragment #3 47.9S , 39.8E Swarm Drone Nymph and

Ebon Worker

Only solo mobs but a lot of them. It's a small valley at N of Fort Strathelar surrounded by mountains with an opening on the East side. Kill the mobs (ranged help a lot) and the excavation point is inside the valley. PathCombatArcheology3.jpg
Iconcombatarcheologyfragment4.png Fragment #4 42.4S , 32.9E Virulent Grievver and

Toxic Grievver

At Grievver Colony door. Only Solo Grievvers outside (4 to 5). Pull and kill them. PathCombatArcheology4.jpg
Iconcombatarcheologyfragment5.png Fragment #5 45.6S , 30.6E Ebon Soldier,

Ebon Piercer and
Ebon Queen

By far the Hardest spot. This is a deadly area. A small village over water, with ikeras design and bridges connecting. Enter from the South side (group mobs around entrance) and proceed to the middle where is the Ebon Queen. It has strong missile and AoE ice attacks.

The major problem is you will be sniped from other directions since the wasp guards will attack you from distance doing a lot of damage. Queen is a named creatures so no mezz for her. Excavation on middle of Queen platform.

Iconcombatarcheologyfragment6.png Fragment #6 51.5S , 32.5E Laes Takeru Almost all are solo takeru in this camp at W of Fort Strathelar. PathCombatArcheology6.jpg

After you have all 6 fragment use the recipe to craft the map with all 6 pieces. Craft the map to advance the quest. If you don't have the recipe go back to the Aerie and give piece #1 to Elpeth (if you haven't already). She will give it back to you and gives the quest recipe.

Now head to the Ancestor Head at 42.3S, 38.4E, and give it the completed map to enter a dungeon. Once inside, take lefts until you get to a misty room with two other exits. Go right to get a key. Now, go back to the room and go left to the locked door.

Past the door, you must kill the boss (lvl 75, solo). Beware the stun attacks and critical hits, especially if you attempt this alone.

Once you have defeated the boss, loot the key which opens the hoard chest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone in the group must get and use a key to advance the quest. The loot you find in the chest is a bonus.
Return to Elpeth Arden in Aerie to complete the quest and get your XP reward.



Quest guide by Billy Mountain and Guimas from ac2wiki and Felpudus, Daimyo, Tazman and Frodo from 2003 Ac2vault site.

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