Cleanse the Burial Mound

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Quest Overview

Purify Unaro's burial mound by hunting niffis and nefane for their rare ichor.
Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, 6.7N 66.8E
Requirements: Level 25+
Quest Starter: Spirit of Hakemi
Time Limit: 20 hours
Repeat Time: 2 days
XP Reward: 75,000
Other Rewards: Unaro magic weapon, 1300 Quest Rating
Related Quests: Vengeance for Unaro


To begin this quest, travel and speak to the Spirit of Hakemi southeast of Ikeras (marked as Unaro's Burial Mound on the map). This is a solo quest, as long as you can kill a level 30 nefane.

Your goal is to find an ichor from a Glissna, Listris and Opor Niffis. The quest doesn't advance until you first kill one. Be sure that you get a kill before trying to loot any of the ichors.

No matter where you look, the ichors can be a fairly rare spawn. You can find some occasionally around the burial mound, but there's one good area to find all three. In Naderu Greenwood is the Crumbled Sanctuary dungeon. The Glissna and Listris spawn outside and inside of the dungeon. The Opor Niffis can spawn east, west, and north of the dungeon. Once you have all three in hand, return to the Spirit of Rakemi.

The spirit will ask for you to first kill an Opor Nefane, and then loot an ichor from it. These are solo monsters and can spawn all throughout the Naderu region, typically mixed in with Hunter Shreths and Fetich Spawns. Avoid these dangerous group monsters and kill nefanes until you get an ichor.

Return the ichor to the Spirit of Hakemi to complete the quest and earn your reward. You will receive a Unaro weapon depending on your race. Humans will receive a staff, tumeroks a drum, and lugians a scepter. Even if you don't plan to use your Unaro weapon in combat, save it for the easy experience reward of the Vengeance for Unaro quest.

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Iconoporniffisichor.jpg Opor Niffis Ichor
Iconopornefaneichor.jpg Opor Nefane Ichor
Icondrumofunaro.jpg Drum of Unaro

Lore & Dialog

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