Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Hunt

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Quest Overview

Seek the Deek Darkenfowl Roosts at 7.2 N, 47.9 E. Bring any eggs you find back to Akhri the Egg Collector

Requirements: Level 20
Type: Group
Start Location: Kydi Delta
Quest Starter: Akhri the Egg Collector, 6.9N 43.9E
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 36,000 XP
Other Rewards: Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Potion
Repeat Time:
Related Quests: Deep Darkenfowl Egg Hunt


  1. Run to the Deep Darkenfowl Roosts at 7.2N 47.9E, and kill Chtonic Darkenfowl until you find a Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg.
  2. Return to Akhri the Egg Collector and give him your egg for a reward.

Related Items

ChthonicDarkenfowlEgg-Icon.png - Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg
ChthonicDarkenfowlEggPotion-Icon.png - Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Potion

Lore & Dialog

Akhri the Egg Collector tells you, "Have you heard of Deep Darkenfowl? They live in deep tunnels not far from here... Their eggs make the most nutritious drinks! If you bring me an egg, I'll make you a drink"
You have receive the Deep Darkenfowl Egg Hunt quest.
Akhri the Egg Collector tells you, "Beware the Chthonic Darkenfowl! They're much tougher, but their eggs also make very portent drinks! I'll take eggs from either of them. But don't carry more than one of each kind of egg at once. They're quite fragile."
You have received the Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Hunt quest.
You gave the Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg to Akhri the Egg Collector.
Akhri the Egg Collector tells you, "Excellent! What a superb egg speciment! This will make a very powerful energy drink!"
For completing the Chthonic Darenfowl Egg Hunt quest, you have earned 36,000 experience points.
You have completed the Chthonic Darkenfowl Egg Hunt quest!
You received the item from Akhri the Egg Collector.

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