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Asheron's Call 2 has is own kingdom system that is based on 3 different groups: The Order of Dereth, The Shadow and the Dominion.


Order of Dereth

The Order of Dereth inspires moral, sharing of views, peacekeepers, diplomats and an organized army. It offers players a chance to create justice and virtue in the world by rebuilding and restoring the lost Golden Age.

  • The Order of Dereth best represents the notion of Republic - All members are equal to the group.
  • Order kingdom iconic creatures are the Golem.
  • Order kingdom main colors are white and blue.


"Justice and virtue."

The Principles of the Order include these ideals:

  • It is better to strive to improve the world than to live a quiet life.
  • That which does the most good for the greatest number is usually best.
  • The greatest deed is that of the one who sacrifices his life to save another—not for riches or accolades, but all unknown in the dark, where no one else shall ever know.


The Shadow Kingdoms support those who align with Chaos, the Shadows and all dark entities. Those of Shadow walk the fine line between ultimate power and eternal madness. The Shadow Kingdoms offer players the freedom to "do what they will," whether that involves seeking personal power or trying to shape Dereth as they see fit, regardless of law or morality.

  • They best represent the notion of Anarchy - Each member its only important by himself.
  • Shadow kingdom iconic creatures are the Shadow.
  • Shadow kingdom main color is black.


"Freedom and chaos."

The Shadow Kingdoms' Doctrine includes these mandates:

  • The whole of our law is "do what you will."
  • Any means justifies the end. Only failure is unacceptable.
  • You are the fulcrum of the universe.


The Dominion empowers those who follow the path set by the Virindi, a race of powerful creatures native to portalspace. The Virindi find our universe chaotic and destructive. The Dominion embraces their desire to end the chaos and bring order to Dereth by instituting absolute lawfulness.

  • The Dominion best represents the notion of Empire. The group makes the importance of each member.
  • Dominion kingdom iconic creatures are the Virindi.
  • Dominion kingdom main color is purple.


"Lawfulness and empire."

The Dominion Directives include these imperatives:

  • Only as part of the group may one change the universe.
  • Fealty belongs to superior powers, provided those powers serve order.
  • The Dominion is the most superior power of order. All who oppose it will serve disorder, and must be corrected.


Neutral is not a kingdom. Its just an option for those that don't want to be part of PVP or KVK challenges. Neutrals have no defined path, inspirations, iconic creatures or color. Neutrals still can have access to some of the options for kingdoms but they are always a flavorless default.


"I don't PVP"

Kingdom Points

Kingdom Skills

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