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Quest Overview

The Ascended Chaos Eidolon struggles blindly to escape the chaotic depths of portalspace and return to Auberean. If it succeeds, it will destroy us all. You must defeat this threat.

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero of Dereth
Type: Group
Start Location: Battlefield, Chaos Plane, Chaos Eidolon Dungeon, 53.8N 10.2W
Quest Starter: Either speak to Rodan (53.8N 10.2W) at Chaos Plane entrance or enter the activated chaos portal inside the Chaos Eidolon Dungeon
Time Limit: 7 days
XP Reward: 40,000,000 to L55, then 2% (Cap: 100,000,000 @ L60)
Other Rewards: Attuned Chaos Crystal and Iconfocusvortex.jpg Focus Vortex Buff
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Osteth Master Vault, Omishan Master Vault, Linvak Master Vault


This is a hard quest usually open to anyone that wants to jump in, and it's usually done in 3 or more fellows.

Pre requisites

For this quest, 1 person needs to have all 3 pieces from the 3 Master Vault bosses loot in order to open the Chaos Portal inside Chaos Plane. So it's mandatory to have:

Only with all three parts can the portal be opened.

Safe Portal

Getting a group

If you are organizing the quest and have the 3 parts to summon the portal, you should now try to get a portal summoner into Chaos Plane and get the summonable portal tie ("relatively safe" one) to Chaos Eidolon Tower.

Once you have a summoner, you should go to a major city (Cragstone usually does it) and invite others in general chat or you need to schedule it in order to assure a big group.


The Chaos Plane

Get your whole group inside, and go up the stairs until the Tower. Kill or mezz the 2 solo and 1 group Shadows at the base of the tower, then climb it to the top.

When all are at the top and ready, hand each of the three parts to the Chaotic Portal to unlock it and open the dungeon.

You are now in the Final Boss Room.

Inside you need to kill some level 66 solo Wisps (Chaos Fluxion) and level 62 group Bloodstones (Chaos Stone). Work your way to the boss, The Chaos Eidolon itself (lvl 65 and 350k health). He has a huge range and uses a lot of debuffs. Upon his death, a Chaos Vortex will appear all over the dungeon. Everyone that either dealt damage to the Chaos Eidolon or buffed/healed any damager can touch it to complete the quest and get the rewards.


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Lore & Dialog

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