Central Farali Wastes Portal Beacon Blowout

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Quest Overview

Intercept a Myrmidon Burun Recruit and destroy a portal beacon.

Type: Group
Start Location: Central Farali Wastes
Quest Starter: Myrmidon Burun Recruit
Time Limit: 3 hours
XP Reward: 135,000
Other Rewards: Portal Shards, Burun Summoners
Repeat Time: 24 hours
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To begin this quest you must find and kill a rare Myrmidon Burun Recruit, known to appear south of the Central Farali Outpost, via Ankoro.

At various outposts around Omishan, the Burun have placed Portal Beacons at the center so that they may summon new recruits. Your task is to destroy the Portal Beacon at the Central Farali Outpost.

It is not possible to inflict damage upon Portal Beacons without having your weapon imbued. To do this, hand a weapon to Erinore Sorvien at 29.0N, 72.0E in Ankoro. Your weapon will now have a new effect - Sledgehammer: Permanently dispels the portal Beacon's ability to absorb all damage.

You will also need a group strong enough to kill around 15 solo Burun ranging from level 33-38 that are tightly clustered around the beacon.

Once the beacon is destroyed, your quest will complete. Loot a Crystal Needle from the beacon and use the needle on the Burun Supply Chest for your final reward. You will be able to loot three items from the chest, known to include Portal Shards for specific Omishan towns that will portal you straight to them and Burun Summoners for different types of Burun.

If a person witout the quest wishes to receive the Burun Supply Chest reward, they may join the fellow of the person with the quest before the beacon is destroyed. They won't receive any experience reward, however.

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