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Vaults are one-time quests which reward you with a large amount of experience, and a short slideshow of lore of the history of Dereth. Each one is a dungeon that ends in a vestibule portal where the boss is located. You must get the kill (or your fellowship must get the kill) on the boss in the vestibule in order to enter the final chamber with the menhir shard and reward. If you've done a vault before, you can re-enter it, but cannot re-enter the vestibule chamber. When hunting for glyphs, always hunt monsters on the ringway that corresponds with the vault you're doing. Monsters from other ringways often won't drop the needed glyph.

Upon completion of all the vaults on a continent, you can visit the nexus at Cragstone, Ikeras or Linvak Tukal to learn the nexus recall ability. This ability works just like a recall, but requires no experience or skill points.

Level Vault Name Nearest Town Continent Glyph Glyph Dropper XP Reward
6 Arwic Vault Arwic Osteth Arwic Outlands Glyph Crawlspace Vermin, Dank Vermin, Arwic Mines and Crafting Quest 800
6 Esper Vault Millstone Osteth Esper Glyph Tanglefoot Vermin, Drudge Outcast Camp Quest 800
6 Lost Wish Vault Kehan Osteth Lost Wish Glyph Dank Vermin, Kehan Windmill Quest 800
12 Cobalt Vault Rithwic Osteth Cobalt Glyph Cobalt Drudge Slinker, Cobalt Drudge Prowler, Isle of Tears Quest 4.500
12 Mad Crone Vault Molwirth Osteth Mad Crone Glyph Drudge Slinker, The Warder Scout's Notebook Quest 3.200
19 Drudge Citadel Vault Cavendo Osteth Drudge Citadel Glyph Gloom Drudge, Drudge Mystic, Drudge Potion Raid Quest 12.000
21 Prosper Vault Shoushi Osteth Prosper Glyph Inferno Drudge Cabalist, Inferno Murk Drudge, The Warder Scout's Notebook Quest 20.000
17 Kydi Vault Mayoi Omishan Kydi Glyph Acita Mimbu, Tolen Mimbu 12.000
24 Ariaki Vault Ikeras Omishan Ariaki Glyph Sata Sclavus, Ulu Sclavus 60.000
27 Lumari Vault Shinoko Omishan Lumari Glyph Idol Spawn, Surrogate Spawn 120.000
30 Tou Tou Vault Zu Omishan Tou Tou Glyph Burun Keerik, Kiree Burun 160.000
30 Naderu Vault Rakani Omishan Naderu Glyph Broodu Burun (west of Rakani) 260.000
34 Farali Vault Ankoro Omishan Farali Glyph Browerk Burun, Reeshan Burun (near The Choker) 540.000
35 Vesayen Vault Hakata Omishan Vesayen Glyph Serene Moarsman (SW to SE vault) 400.000
42 Oriad Vault Whitebay Linvak Oriad Glyph Banderling Raver 1.500.000
44 Stoneshadow Vault Keidelur Linvak Stoneshadow Glyph Gurog Lackey 2.600.000
46 Thusik Vault Linvak Tukal Linvak Thusik Glyph Gurog Grunt 3.800.000
45 Nepeth Vault Ondekodo Linvak Nepeth Glyph Gurog Gladiator 3.000.000
46 Winterhollows Vault Arhovas Linvak Winterhollows Glyph Gurog Captain (SW of Vault). 3.600.000
47 Malthabbor Vault Gurokura Linvak Malthabbor Glyph Gurog Warlock 7.500.000
48 Gevoth Vault Palisade Linvak Gevoth Glyph Revenant Lictor (in the zone to west of Gates of Gavoth) 30.000.000
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