Catacombs of Artefon (Quest)

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Quest Overview

Visit six ancient tombs in the Catacombs of Artefon
Start Location: Mad Crone Mountains, Lake Artefon
Requirements: Level 45+
Quest Starter: Simlan, 19.4N 7.5E
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: 7 days
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: Recipe for Armor of the Ancient Kings
Related Quests: Armor of the Ancient Kings


To begin the quest, speak to Simlan outside Rithwic at 19.4N,7.5E. This can be a very difficult quest to try to solo around the minimum level. It's possible with health over time potions and extremely good knowledge of the dungeon layout, but unlikely. It's recommended to have at least a small group to deal with the level 48-55 undead here, some with as much as 20,000 health.

  1. Head to the Catacombs of Artefon located in Lake Artefon at 13.7N 9.5E, closest to the Southwest Drudge Citadel Outpost.
  2. Your goal is to touch all six tombs scattered throughout the Catacombs of Artefon. See the map below for the dungeon layout and all six tomb locations. Some of them are found in pairs. Be particularly careful in the large rooms, where Fetid Perchers will snipe you from unreachable ledges. It's recommended to run along the edge of the room in these areas.
  3. Once you've clicked all six tombs, return to Simlan to complete the quest and earn your reward, quest recipes to create Armor of the Ancient Kings.

NOTE: Occasionally, one of the tombs will not be where it should be. This is a glitch in the dungeon. To make it spawn, some players have had success relogging inside the dungeon, waiting a minute for it to appear, or returning a few minutes later.



Lore & Dialog

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