Burun Punishment

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Quest Overview

Defeat 20 more Burun Scouts near Hakata.
Start Location: Vesayen Islands, Hakata
Requirements: Level 25, must have completed Burun Interdiction
Quest Starter: Keranua, 8.3N 76.2E
Time Limit: 2 hours
Repeat Time: 1 hour
XP Reward: None
Other Rewards: 500 gold
Related Quests: Burun Interdiction


Speak to Keranua at 8.3N 76.2E in Hakata after you've completed Burun Interdiction. This is essentially the same quest as Interdiction, but without the experience reward.

Once again, kill 20 Burun Scouts. If you haven't already gotten Burun Orders from one of the kills, you probably will while doing this.

Return to Keranua to complete the quest and earn your gold reward.

Lore & Dialog

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