Burun Orders

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Quest Overview

Find and translate the Burun Orders to find out what the scouts are up to.
Start Location: Vesayen Islands, Hakata
Requirements: Level 25
Quest Starter: Keranua, 8.3N 76.2E
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: None
XP Reward: 35,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: Temple Search


To begin this quest, you must hand Burun Orders to Keranua at 8.3N 76.2E in Hakata. Burun Orders have a small chance to appear in your pack with a pop-up message (see below) when you kill a Burun Scout near Hakata. You'll likely get one while doing the Burun Interdiction and Burun Punishment quests.

After starting, the next step is to talk to Akkilea in Zu. Hand over the orders to advance the quest and receive Translated Burun Orders.

Return to Keranua in Hakata, and hand the Translated Burun Orders to advance the quest.

Finally, go to Ariatah at 8.6N 75.8E in Hakata. Hand him the orders to complete the quest.

Related Items

Iconburunorders.jpg Burun Orders
Iconburunorders.jpg Translated Burun Orders



Lore & Dialog

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