Burun Interdiction

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Quest Overview

Destroy 20 of the Burun Scouts found in the area.
Start Location: Vesayen Islands, Hakata
Requirements: Level 25
Quest Starter: Keranua, 8.6N 76.2E
Time Limit: 2 hours
Repeat Time: None
XP Reward: 180,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: Burun Punishment


Speak to Keranua at 8.6N 76.2E in Hakata to begin the quest. This is a soloable quest if you can kill solo level 32 Burun. The timer is fairly short, so it's best to get whatever potions you need ahead of time so that you're prepared before talking to Keranua.

Your goal is simple... kill 20 of the Burun Scouts that spawn around Hakata and to the southeast. They are fairly common spawns along the coasts south of town. It's possible that you will find Burun Orders as you kill the scouts. Save this for the Burun Orders quest.

Once you have all 20 kills, return to Keranua for your reward.

Lore & Dialog

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