Burun Despoilment

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Burun Desployment Quest

Quest Overview

Defile three nearby Burun idols to earn an experience and buff reward

Requirements: Level 15+, completed Rashan's Revenge
Type: Solo
Start Location: West of Cavendo, Drudge Citadel
Quest Starter: Spectre of Rashan Twoblades (15.3N 23.6E)
Time Limit: 2 hours
XP Reward: 6,000
Other Rewards: Idol Crusher buff (6 hours)
Repeat Time: 44 hours
Related Quests: Rashan's Revenge


To receive this quest, you need to have completed the Rashan's Revenge quest. This is best done directly after that quest. We strongly recommend to use a mount (faster is better) but you can do it without it.

Talk to Rashan west of Cavendo to get the quest. You now need to touch 3 idols in any order. Each idol will give you a curse, but this curse will be lifted by Rashan upon completing the quest.

An important note: if you die, the curses will stay with you, so try to avoid damage. The mounts help a lot since the path has some drudges on the way.

We recommend you start to touch the Idols from the more distant one, them moving back to Rashan:

  1. Iconempyreanfigurine.jpg Touch the Idol of Speed (15.5N 16.8E)
  2. Iconempyreanfigurine.jpg Touch the Idol of Might (15.8N 18.4E)
  3. Iconempyreanfigurine.jpg Touch the Idol of Fortitude (15.8N 20.5E)

Once you have touched all three Idols, head back to Rashan to finish the quest and lift the curses.

Lore & Dialog

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