Blood of Tyrants

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Stone Tyrant Heart: The petrified heart of a Tyrant. Adding fresh Tyrant blood to it will revivify it.


Requirements: Level 48+
Type: Group
Start Location: Frozen Ravine, East Gevoth Outpost
Quest Starter: Stone Tyrant Heart
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 20,000,000
Other Rewards: Living Tyrant Heart
Repeat Time: 6 days
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Locations of Tyrants in East Gevoth

Beginning the Quest

Travel to the East Gevoth Outpost via Gurokora and enter the Frozen Ravine dungeon at 9.9S, 54.7W. Inside, take the first right and encounter five level 50 group Carnage Shreth. Kill these, open the Chest of the Tyrant in the south tunnel and loot the Stone Tyrant Heart to begin the quest. You will now have a craft recipe under Quest Recipes and 'Living Tyrant Heart'.

Collecting the Blood of Tyrants

Each member of the fellow must loot a Spindrift Tyrant Blood, Crag Tyrant Blood, Cloud Tyrant Blood, Squall Tyrant Blood and Storm Tyrant Blood off the corpses of the respective Tyrants in order to complete the recipe. These are strong group monsters ranging from level 48 to 60, with attacks that bring with them deblitating effects. It is very helpful to do this quest with a Tyrant Warder Stone as it protects you against the effects which prevent you from using melee, missile or magic attacks for 24 seconds.

The Tyrants are found around the crater south of the East Gevoth Outpost - illustrated by the map to the right. Blood items cannot be traded and so each member should only pick one of each. It helps to keep your recipe open throughout the quest and click auto-fill to quickly see which items you still need.

Completing the quest

Once you have all the items, craft your recipe to complete the quest and earn your reward. Note that upon repeating the quest you will not gain a duplicate Living Tyrant Heart.


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