Beetle Slayer

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Quest Overview

Defeat 10 Edge Beetles for an experience reward.

Requirements: Level 1 or 2+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Arwic Outlands, Esper Reaches, Lost Wish
Quest Starter: Beetle Slayer Elixir drop
Time Limit: 3 hours
XP Reward: 100
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 24 hours
Related Quests:


  1. The quest begins upon drinking the elixir (usually dropped by Bold Vermin Pilferer).
  2. Kill 10 Edge Beetles which can spawn in the Arwic Outlands, Esper Reaches, Lost Wish regions as well as the New Arwic Mines.

Lore & Dialog

The Edge Beetles have been plaguing the Vermin, whose elders have created elixirs to reward their warriors for killing the creatures.

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