Beat the Hearty Practice Dummy

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Quest Overview

Prove your worth by defeating one of Jorwea's Practice Dummies

Start Location: Rakani
Requirements: Level 46+, Hero(?)
Quest Starter: Jorwea, 27.2N 55.5E
Time Limit: 90 seconds from the time the practice dummy spawns
Repeat Time: 5 days, 23 hours
XP Reward: 3.5% XP (8,762,856 @ L50)
Other Rewards:
Related Quests:


  1. Use the Hearty Dummy Training Gem in a clearing to spawn the pracctice dummy, and attack it.
  2. The dummy has a pretty strong reflect ability, so make sure you can stay healed.
  3. Note: If you have pets, make sure to summon them before using the gem, every second counts!
  4. The quest is not technically received until you drink the Hearty Dummy Training Gem.



Lore & Dialog

Jorwea tells you, "You're a mighty one! Would you like to fight one of the enchanted Sturdy Practice Dummies? Be careful... they fight back! Go ahead and practice on the Stury Practice Dummies nearby. When you think you're good enough to kill one in 90 seconds, stand here in the dirt square and use this gem. A Dummy will spawn, and if you can defeat it before it disappears, you will have proven yourself a true warrior.

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