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Allegiance Rank

Your allegiance rank is determined by your highest ranked of your vassal. If there is a tie for highest ranked vassal, your rank is one higher. Example 1: You have 2 vassals, rank 1 and 3. Your rank is also 3. Example 2: You have 4 vassals, rank 2, 3, 3 and 3. Your rank is 4.

Male Ranks Female Ranks
  • Yeoman
  • Master
  • Lord
  • Baron
  • Count
  • Duke
  • Grand Duke
  • Prince
  • King
  • Emperor
  • Yeoman
  • Mistress
  • Lady
  • Baroness
  • Countess
  • Duchess
  • Grand Duchess
  • Princess
  • Queen
  • Empress

Allegiance Halls





Fellowships are temporary partnerships with other players. You might join or create a fellowship for several reasons, including:

  • Communicating easily among a group of friends.
  • Hunting monsters together.
  • Collaborating on a quest.
  • Raiding an enemy location.
  • Giving instructions and help to a group of your vassals

In a fellowship you can choose to share experience points and loot with those in your group, keep track of members' vitals and easily communicate with one another.

Another major reason for participating in fellowships is the experience point bonus for monster kills. This bonus depends on the size of the fellowship, with the highest bonus given to 4 and 5-person fellowships. This bonus is only applied to monsters killed by the fellowship.

The experience point reward given by many quests is not shared with your fellows, so it is not increased or decreased by participating in a fellowship by questing.

Note: You cannot belong to more than one fellowship at any given time. For more information on limitations, see Fellowship Limitations.

The limitations of a fellowship are:

  • You can only belong to one fellowship at a time.
  • Fellowships can only have nine total members.
  • To share experience, fellowship members must be within five levels of the fellowship leader.
  • Only fellowship leaders can create, name, and disband a fellowship or dismiss fellowship members.

Sharing Experience Points

Sharing experience points benefits you and those in your fellowship in most cases. When you choose to share XP, each member of your fellowship receives a portion of the XP earned by anyone else in the fellowship.

Example: You are in a fellowship with one other person. You kill a monster worth 100 XP. If you have XP sharing turned off, you receive 100 XP and your partner receives zero. If you have XP sharing turned on, you each receive 60 XP, for a total of 120 XP from that one monster (the extra 20 points are a bonus for cooperating). If you both can kill monsters at the same rate, you will gain more XP (due to the fellowship bonus) than if you worked alone.

The bonus increases or decreases, depending on the size of your party.

  • 1 fellow, each receives 100% of each monster kill. Total 100%
  • 2 fellows, each receives 60% of each monster kill. Total 120%
  • 3 fellows, each receives 45% of each monster kill. Total 135%
  • 4 fellows, each receives 35% of each monster kill. Total 140%
  • 5 fellows, each receives ?% of each monster kill. Total ?%
  • 6 fellows, each receives ?% of each monster kill. Total ?%
  • 7 fellows, each receives 21% of each monster kill. Total 147%
  • 8 fellows, each receives ?% of each monster kill. Total ?%
  • 9 fellows, each receives ?% of each monster kill. Total ?%

Note: There are limits to who can share XP. If a fellowship member's level is considerably higher or lower than that of the fellowship leader, he or she is not counted toward XP sharing.

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