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Aerfalle's Generals Locations
Knorr Wilds


Quest Overview

Defeat Aerfalle's four undead generals and obtain keys for the Foundry Gates.

Start Location: Vothardun
Requirements: Level 50, must have completed Foundry Gates
Quest Starter: Loot Troop Status from Lord Relos
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: 6 days, 4 hours (Note: to repeat this quest just go directly to meeting hall in walkthrough)
XP Reward: 3%, capped at 142,874,598 @ 60
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: Foundry Gates, Atlan Weapons


This quest is part of the Atlan's Foundry quest series, so this guide will assume you are completing the entire series and send you to a few locations early to minimize backtracking. This quest requires you to defeat up to level 62 group monsters, so it shouldn't be attempted solo near the minimum level.

The actual quest starts when you loot the Troop Status report from Lord Relos and if you are repeating the quest just go to Building 8 and follow from there, but to save time, visit the following Vothardun buildings in this order once you've completed Foundry Gates to get all you need for Atlan Weapons:


6. Tinker's Workshop - Needed for Refinery Quest

Work your way through the trapdoor dungeon and kill the Master Tinker. Loot the Iconmysteriousdevice.jpg - Mysterious Device it has (you'll need it later in the "Refinery" subquest) and then exit the workshop.

7. Inquisitor's House - Needed for Heart of Stone Quest

This trapdoor dungeon leads to Fymras the Inquisitor. Kill him and loot the Icondamagedgolemheart.jpg - Damaged Golem Heart. You will see a small vignette and receive the "Heart of Stone" subquest.

8. Meeting Hall - Aerfalle's Generals Starter

Work your way down through this trapdoor dungeon and kill Lord Relos. Loot the Icontroopstatus.jpg - Troop Status report and you will receive the actual Aerfalle's Generals quest. Once you have the quest, this item is just lore and does not need to be saved for the rest of the quest.

9. Officer's Headquarters

Another trapdoor dungeon, this time with Marshal Aquilis at the bottom. Kill him and loot the Iconburialgroundsreport.jpg - Burial Grounds Report. This item is also just for lore, and doesn't need to be saved to complete the quest.

Your quest panel will show the locations of all four of Aerfalle's generals, which are level 56-62 group undead. They are all located in the Foundry area of Knorr. The platform where General Sarocete spawns can be a bit tricky. If you kill it too close to the pillar in the center, the corpse can vanish completely and force you to wait for a respawn. Be sure to pull Sarocete away from this central pillar before killing it. Each one has a key that must be looted.

Generals Keys

Aerfalle's Generals Locations
Knorr Wilds
Icon Key Drops from Location Lv HP
Iconbaroncolierskey.jpg Baron Colier's Key Baron Colier 31.2S , 56.8E Lv 56 37.500 HP
Iconlordnuvilluskey.jpg Lord Nuvillus' Key Lord Nuvillus 35.4S , 51.2E Lv 58 44.500 HP
Icongeneraldreyvonskey.jpg General Dreyvon's Key General Dreyvon 28.9S , 61.3E Lv 60 47.500 HP
Icongeneralsaroceteskey.jpg General Sarocete's Key General Sarocete 27.6S , 64.2E Lv 62 52.500 HP

Once you have all four generals' keys, head back to the Foundry Gates in Vothardun. Cross the Foundry Gates door and go up until you get to Atlan's Foundry Entrance (not the Foundry Gates Door). Be careful since the path to Atlan's Foundry is full of creatures in the way (some solo and some group). At the top of the path there is a Fort and inside it there are lava pools and a lot of Golems. Take the left side inside the Fort and kill the solo magma golem guards. The right side is full of group mobs. after the Golems there is the Foundry door. Use the keys on the entrance one at a time to advance the quest, and finally complete it and earn your reward.

Atlan Foundry Entrance
Atlan Foundry door.png Atlan Foundry View.png


Iconmysteriousdevice.jpg Mysterious Device
Icondamagedgolemheart.jpg Damaged Golem Heart
Icontroopstatus.jpg Troop Status
Iconburialgroundsreport.jpg Burial Grounds Report
Iconlordnuvilluskey.jpg Lord Nuvillus' Key
Iconbaroncolierskey.jpg Baron Colier's Key
Icongeneraldreyvonskey.jpg General Dreyvon's Key
Icongeneralsaroceteskey.jpg General Sarocete's Key

Lore & Dialog

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